Mother's day gift ideas

This year seems to be going by so fast, I can't believe we are in March already! As someone who is quite organised when it comes to buying gifts, I thought I'd conjure up an array of gift ideas I have in mind for Mother's Day (which is on the 30th March in case you were wondering). If money was no object I would buy everything in this list and more but as I student I can only pick and choose a few of these things to stick within my budget. Saying that though, I always spend too much when buying other people presents.. I just can't help it!
'Lovely Mum' flowers, £30, Grapefruit and Nectarine tin candle, £7.99,  The Mum Lush bubble bar, £5.25, Petit Four Patisserie cake stand, £29.95, Personalised 'Mum' family tree framed print, £40,  Medium Custom Cookie gift box, £19.95, Cath Kidston rose quilted makeup bag, £16, Jo Malone
 Peony and Blush perfume
, £39,  Afternoon Tea for two, from £15

Flowers- When I think of gifts for Mother's day, I automatically think of flowers. All mums regardless of age love flowers so if you are the type of person who has no idea what to buy for this occasion then your best bet is probably to get a nice bouquet of flowers. Flowers are a gift which can be adapted to all budgets; I picked up a bunch of daffodils for £1 at M&S for myself not too long ago... but being a lover of putting effort into my gifts I'd opt for a similar bouquet to the one pictured above with beautiful pink roses which costs around £30.

Candles- This is another generic mumsy present I think, you can't really go wrong with a nice luxury candle! I love the bomb cosmetics candles as they have glitter and cute embellishments on the tops of the candles making them look more unique than the average candle. Aside from bomb cosmetics, Yankee Candles are great and I love the new ones from the DotComGiftShop which I reviewed here.

Bath bombs- I absolutely love LUSH for buying presents, I think I always buy something from there for my mum on Mother's day, Christmas and her birthday to go with her other presents. I had a look at the Mother's day range on the website and I particularly love the 'The Mum' flower bubble bar; it's such a cute present and not too expensive either.

Home accessories- Me and my mum have exactly the same taste in home decor, so I find it really easy to buy accessories for the house that I know she'll love. I think a lovely gift idea for Mother's day would be a really cute photo frame (maybe with a picture of you and your mum inside), gifts like that can be treasured forever. I know my mum would love a cake stand like the one above; if I were to buy this I'd probably fill it with cute homemade cupcakes!

Personalised gifts- I think these are probably the best kind of gifts you can buy/make! Whilst looking on the notonthehighstreet website, I found these lovely family tree prints in frames. They are quite expensive but it's a lovely keepsake, personal gift that I'm sure any mum would love to receive.

Sweet treats- Everyone loves chocolate and cakes! This is an easy gift to buy as there is so much too choose from; a box of chocolates, homemade cupcakes or cookies. A company I love, Custom Cookie Co, sell customised cookies which would be great for Mother's Day; not only do they look great but they taste amazing too!

Beauty- A luxury moisturiser, lipstick or a perfume your mum has been wanting is another gift idea that is guaranteed to bring a smile to her face! A nice idea would be to buy a nice makeup bag (like the adorable Cath Kidston one above) and fill it with makeup products and beauty bits.

A day out- A nice idea would be to buy a gift experience; this could be treating your mum to Afternoon Tea, a relaxing spa day or a cake decorating class... the list is endless!

What gifts do you like to buy for Mother's day? I'd love to hear your gift ideas! Do you love buying presents as much as I do? 


  1. Lovely ideas :) I have bought my mam and me tickets to see Wicked the West End Musical in Cardiff when it is touring :) so excited to see it! xx

    1. aww that sounds lovely :) Hope you both have a great day! xx

  2. I never know what to buy my Mum, she never wants anything and shes not a fan of bath stuff, or flowers! But I really love the family tree idea, it's so cute :)x

    1. My mum is like that- she always says she doesn't want anything! The family tree is definitely a cute and unique gift :) xx

  3. I'm so rubbish at gift buying, helps a lot! Thank youuuu!
    Hannah Louise x

    1. I'm glad you found it helpful! xx

  4. Great post dear:)
    Love your blog very much!
    Would you mind following each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know on my blog:)))

  5. Jo Malone is my fave!
    Make sure to check out my blog!


    1. I've never actually tried Jo Malone but have heard so many good things about it xx

  6. I really love the cookie gift box! So cute!
    Have a lovely week, Lauren!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

    1. It is really cute, I got one for my little brother's birthday and he loved it :)! Hope you have a lovely week too Sofie! xx

  7. These are awesome ideas!! I actually thought about Mothers Day today!! I love shopping for my mom.

    My mum wants a new tattoo..... Hahahaaaa.
    Not the most conventional.
    Definitely want to get her one of these to !

    Kelly from | Daydreams & Daisychains


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