Monthly photo highlights | April

April has been a surprisingly good month for me, I hope you all had a wonderful month too! Despite having to write several essays and reports (I still have quite a few to complete start), I have certainly been making the most of the sunny weather with family and friends. I have enjoyed going for my regular mocha's at Waitrose, baking, going on spontaneous nights out, picnics in the park and catching up with my big brother. The highlight of the month for me was definitely going home for a few days over Easter. Easter was so much fun, it was lovely to see my family and coming home to a cupboard full of chocolate treats was great too! The relaxed weekend involved decorating Easter biscuits with my little brother and sisters, enjoying a big, fat Sunday roast and a slice (or maybe two) of the chocolate Easter cake made by my granny which looked and tasted amazing- I wish my baking skills were as good as hers!

1. Enjoying my regular trips to Waitrose for a free mocha; I've been quite a few times this month!
2. Enjoying the sunny weather with my best friend with shopping and exploring the woods
3. Decorating Easter biscuits with my younger brother and sisters
4. All dressed up for a spontaneous night out with 
5. The cutest Easter cake ever made by my granny... this definitely puts my Easter nest cake to shame!
6. A cupboard full of Easter treats waiting for me at home
7. A picnic in the park with my best friend
8. Me looking too proud of my decorated Easter biscuit!
9. Pizza Hut lunch with my big brother

What have been your highlights throughout April? I think May is going to be a great month filled with lots of nights out, barbecues and picnics before we all leave for the summer, I just hope the weather stays nice! I hope you all have a lovely month filled with happiness and fun.


  1. What a lovely pictures. Seems like april was a fabulous month for you, Lauren. I hope May will be even better!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

    1. Thank you, it was great! Hope you have a lovely month too :) xx

  2. I love the layout of your blog and the flowers, it's so pretty x
    Bean's Beauty Blog

  3. Looks like a great month! Wishing a better month of May!

  4. I love that photo of us! You look so beautiful :)
    I am sure this month will be far more fun once these assignments are gone ;) xxx

    1. Me too! Thanks Emily, so do you! :) xx

  5. pretty :)

  6. I love these posts with photos from the past week/month, it's so interesting to see into people's lives!

  7. you have a lovely blog! xx

  8. Looks like you had a great April and I hope May is great too! I love the pictures!!
    Em x


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