Turning 21: Cocktails, Chanel and Crazy friends!

A few Sunday's ago, I celebrated my 21st birthday and it was the best birthday I have ever had; I feel so lucky to have such amazing family and friends who all made my birthday week so special. I  celebrated my birthday early in the week with my family and came back to Sheffield on the Friday to start the weekend celebrations. Unbeknown to me, Emily was hurrying around in the kitchen trying to make my birthday cake on time (she was so happy when I missed my train and had an extra hour or so to add the finishing touches) and decorate the house with the help of my housemates. Once I finally arrived back to the house after a painfully long train journey, I was greeted by bunting, balloons, confetti and birthday banners which were all lovely. I particularly loved the balloon which had been personalised  with my name and 21st birthday in glitter. A short while later, we all headed down to the local pub for a meal (I had a massive burger) and a couple of drinks. After our meal we grabbed some alcohol and spent the rest of the night chilling, chatting and playing Mario Kart on the Wii. 

As the night before involved drinking and staying up late, much of Saturday was spent chilling in the house watching films and TV whilst slowly getting ready for the night ahead. As a birthday treat, I went and got my hair professionally styled at Conrad Blandford Hairdressing. I asked for a Kate Middleton style blow dry and felt like a princess all the way through the experience; Emily and I were treated to complimentary cocktails, I had a lovely head massage and various hair treatments as well as ending with a head of soft, bouncy curls. I'd definitely go there again for special occasions (maybe graduation). Admittedly, I had to touch a few curls up whilst getting ready, however, they lasted for a few days. After getting my hair done I finished getting ready for the party. I wore my Chi Chi London dress I bought about a month ago on sale at ASOS (a bargain at £28!). I love this dress so much; I love the delicate eyelash lace detail and the fit of the dress which creates a nice figure flattering shape with a party dress flare from the netting underneath. Once everyone was ready it was time to get the party started! After a few drinks the candles on the birthday cake were lit and everyone sang 'happy birthday' to me. The cake was so glittery (I love sparkle!), cute and very me and it tasted amazing too (I think I ate like half of it.. oops haha) thank you Emily!

As soon as birthday wishes were made, we played 'pass out' for quite a few hours which was hilarious as the tongue twisters got a lot harder to say as the night went on. Lots of silly photos were taken throughout the night as you can see... the girls wanted a nice photo but the boys would not cooperate- they just wanted to do crazy poses! After taking some time to get a half decent photo of us all together, we headed straight to a fancy cocktail bar for a drink and made a toast to my birthday as the clock struck midnight. I can't really remember exactly which clubs and cocktail bars we went to (oops) but we went to a few places after that and got back rather late. It was such a good night!

On the morning of my birthday we all went to Fancie for breakfast to make us feel better from all the alcohol that was consumed the night before. We all ordered a cocktail once we got there which probably wasn't the best idea as we were all feeling quite rough. The majority of us ordered a full English Breakfast and others ordered pancakes and omelettes.It was so lovely to all go out for breakfast together and I'm hoping that we do it again sometime soon. After our breakfast it was time to open presents; my lovely housemates bought me a beautiful Pandora bracelet with a symbolic sparkly key charm which I have been constantly wearing. My boyfriend got me a cocktail shaker (which I haven't used yet but can't wait to!), Hotel Chocolate hot chocolate (the best hot chocolate ever) and some strawberry cheesecake chocolates. I opened presents from my family a few days before my birthday and was spoiled with Chanel perfume, chocolates, other bits and bobs and money which I have already spent on new clothes! To end the day off perfectly, my boyfriend cooked me a lovely cottage pie which tasted amazing. After our meal we watched a girly film (my choice of course) whilst stuffing our faces with birthday cake - the best way to end any birthday! 

Thank you to all of my friends and family who made my birthday special - I love you all!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Looks like a fab time with all of your friends. I love your hair, it's so pretty :) x

    Sinead - Dreaming Again

  2. happy b day!! looks like a great day!!


    1. Thank you, it was a great day! :) xx

  3. This looked like such great fun! Happy belated birthday to you :)

  4. Happy birthday!! Looks like a lovely way to celebrate. Also, your hair looks gorgeous- definitely got what you wanted with the Kate Middleton style!
    Jennifer x

    1. Thank you :) I wish I could afford to have my hair done like hers everyday! xx

  5. Happy birthday! Sounds like you've had a great one! I love your hair in these photos! Gigglesandmakeup.blogspot.com

  6. Looks super fun! Love your dress! :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  7. it is never to late, to wish happy birthday! love your blog



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