Monthly highlights | November

November has definitely been my favourite month so far this year. Starting off with Bonfire night and the amazing firework display my friends and I went to and ending with seeing Enrique Iglesias in concert with my best friend. The highlight of the month for me was definitely seeing Enrique on tour. He sung many of his old hits as well as songs from his new album; it was so amazing listening to him sing live just a matter of metres away. After the concert I went home for a few days and it was so nice to catch up with my family after not seeing them for a few months. Seeing the house decorated all beautiful and festive has made me so excited to go back for the Christmas holidays! Also this month I went for afternoon tea with Emily at the Leopold Hotel which was lovely; many delightful little cakes, delicate sandwiches and scones were demolished whilst having a long girly gossip. The Christmas lights were switched on in Sheffield towards the end of the month and made a lovely evening for my boyfriend and I as we explored the Christmas markets and saw the town being lit into a Christmassy rainbow.

1. Bonfire night with my best friends
2. Treating Emily to Afternoon Tea for her birthday
3. Walking around the Christmas markets
5. Enjoying a few days at home
6. Christmas light switch on in my hometown
7. Christmas shopping in Manchester
8. Seeing Enrique Iglesias in concert - he was amazing!
9. Enrique performing near where I was sat ahh!

With Christmas just around the corner I know that December will be a great month of visiting my family and friends back home and enjoying good food. I'm looking forward to December so much! I hope you all have a lovely month filled with happiness and Christmas sparkle.


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  3. Seeing Enrique must have been amazing! Sounds like you had a lovely November

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. It certainly was, definitely the highlight of my year!

  4. So lovely - I hope December is even better lovely! xxx


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