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January is always a tough month, especially this year as I have exams to revise for, essays to write AND a dissertation to start! Shopping is always a great stress reliever and it's always nice to have a nice pair of sparkly shoes or a new dress as a reward from all your hard work which is why I've created this wishlist! This month's wishlist is all from ASOS; I really wish I could afford everything on here but think I may just treat myself to one or two things with my Christmas money. I've been loving all the sparkle and glitter trends this winter hence my wishlist is very sparkly! The stripey jumper is probably the first thing I'll buy, it looks so comfy for chilled out days!

1. Coat with Seam Detail in Textured Wool, £90. The colour of this alone makes me want to buy it. I think if it was half price then I probably would! With the stunning coral colour, this coat could be worn through to Spring!
2. Nonna Cut Out Glitter Lace Shoes, £24.99. These glittery nude heels would look lovely with any party dress, I really want to get them! At only £24.99 I think I might have to!
3. Pencil Skirt with Scallop Hem, £22. Thinking ahead for when I need to buy interview clothes, I think
4. Petite Dress with Embellished Collar Stand, £45. This dress is so beautiful and simple with a hint of sparkle around the collar - perfect for a night out drinking cocktails with the girls!
5. Gold Glitter Heels, £110. These are sooo expensive but it is a 'wish' list after all and I wish for these sparkly shoes! I extremely doubt I'll get them *cries* but I've wanted a pair of glittery heels for ages! 
6. Top with Long Sleeves in Contrast Stripe, £18. I'm in need of more long sleeved tops and this one is perfect; the stripes, the colour and the fit. It looks so comfy and would be great to wear on lazy days.
7. Embellished Scuba Skater Dress, £65. I love the fit of this dress, it's so flattering and gorgeous. The neutral colour makes the dress perfect for all occasions and with the added embellishments there's no need to accessorize!

What do you currently have on your wishlist?


  1. Number 2 and 7 and gorgeous! Think they've made their way onto my wishlist too haha.



  2. I love shoes at #2! So gorgeous, would love to find a pair like these in black for more of an everyday thing, would be so nice xo


    1. I really want some black heels too!

  3. Love ASOS


  4. Number 1 & number 2: wow! I love these items!

  5. You have such a lovely blog layout! Anyway, I love the coat but also the dresses - very elegant :)

    xo Melane || Pure Perspective

  6. Love the dresses and the coat :)

    Love your blog!

    1. I wish I could afford to buy them all! Thank you :)

  7. Numbers 6 and 7 are gorgeous! ASOS always have such a nice collection :) you should do a little haul post when the things you order arrive!


    1. I agree! I might do, thank for the suggestion :)!

  8. I love the Petite dress with Collar stand (4) gorgeous!

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