Foodies Festival | Bristol

The sun shines through an almost clear blue sky as smells of summer drift though the air. Aromas of barbecues and freshly baked goods make your mouth water as soon as you enter through the gates. Festival music echoes through the park and the voices and laughter can be heard from the sea of happy people around, enjoying the sunshine, being with friends, eating good food and enjoying a beer or two. Brightly coloured rainbow stalls fill the park with something for everyone's taste; juicy beef burgers layered with cheese, red onion and pickle, an Indian feast, spicy hot reggae barbecued chicken, freshly baked macaroons in an assortment of flavours, sweet summer strawberries and cream, caramel shortbread cupcakes and so much more. So much choice. Where do you begin?

Over the weekend, Jonny and I wanted to do something a little different, so we headed down to the Foodies Festival in Durdham Downs, Bristol. Foodies Festival is the largest series of food festivals in the UK whereby you can enjoy the chance to see Michelin starred and celebrity chefs cooking delicious recipes and bakes, participate in wine and beer tasting, as well as listen to live bands whilst feasting on a variety of cuisines from artisan producers and street food from around the world. The sun was shining and it couldn't have been a more perfect day. Ever since the sun made it's first appearance a few weeks ago, we've both really been wanting to have a barbecue, so of course the first food we looked for was just that. Before we made our mind up on where to go first, we had a wander around all the was so hard to choose because everything looked so tasty! At last, we opted for a spicy sausage hot-dog from The Great British Sausage Company, it was that yummy that we went there twice!

Whilst thinking about what we wanted to try next, we chilled out in the drinks theatre for a where we enjoyed beer and cider in the sunshine. It was so lovely to sit back and relax and enjoy our day surrounded by lots of happy people having a great time too (sun+alcohol+food=happiness)! After a drink or two, we walked around to see what else we could find. A lot of the stalls had free samples, which were great to nibble on whilst we decided on where to go next. The Mary Berry stand was our favourite as there were lots of dips and chutneys to sample accompanied with crackers and bread. We'll definitely be adding a few of those to our next food shop! Something that caught my eye at the festival was the Spiral Potato stand. Curly potato on a stick? Yes please! There were a variety of flavours, but I went for a traditional salt and pepper which looked and tasted incredible! Jonny opted for garlic salt which was equally as yummy. After the most delicious and juicy burger, we enjoyed a few more drinks before heading home.

We both had such a lovely day and came away with many goodies which were devoured once we got home; macaroons, cupcakes and homemade raspberry marshmallows. I can't wait to go to the Foodies Festival next year!

Have you ever been to the Foodies Festival?

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