A Weekend in Scarborough

A couple of weeks ago, Jonny and I went to Scarborough for the weekend. We stayed at Ox Pasture Hall, the most amazing and luxurious hotel I have ever stayed in (you can read the review here). After checking into our hotel, we had a couple of hours to spare before our dinner reservation so we decided to go to Peasholm Park, an oriental inspired uniquely beautiful park and a place to relax and enjoy the picturesque scenery. Imagine being transported into a Japanese garden, sights of children can be seen giggling and attempting to row bold red dragon pedalos in the right direction, a peaceful glen runs through the majestic and rare trees and flowers and with every corner you turn, something new is found, as the oriental theme is evident as you wander down each pathway. The pea green pond looks ever so calm as cute little ducks swim softly through the powder pink lilies. If you're looking for a place to go for a nice walk, an ice-cream and a boat ride then Peasholm Park would be a great place to visit. It's very family friendly so is a guaranteed fun day out for everyone!

After a walk around the park, we decided to go and row a boat around the little island. I really wanted to go on the fun looking dragon pedalos, but because Jonny would be rowing the boat, he chose the rowing boat, perhaps because they are a little more 'manly' and less childish than the dragon boats (even though I would totally have gone on the dragon boat). The park wasn't overly busy and there were only a few others on boats. I sat back and enjoyed the view of the park whilst Jonny rowed the boat. I think if I had tried we would have taken well over an hour to get around the glen! You can hire either one of the rowing boats, canoes or dragon pedalos for half an hour - this will allow you to go around the lake approximately two times. If you both want to sit back and enjoy the sights, then I'd recommend going for a sail in one of the swan launches where someone else will steer the boat for you.

After a lovely stroll around Peasholm Park, we headed to the beach which was only a two minute walk away. It couldn't have been a more perfect day; the sky was a crystal clear blue and not one cloud could be seen. The sun shone brightly and the sea looked ever so calming. My favourite thing about Scarborough beach had to be the beautifully vivid and colourful beach huts; they looked like a beautiful rainbow nestled at the front of the sandy shore. There's nothing more relaxing than walking along a sandy beach and watching the waves. Before heading home, we got some chips from the nearest chippy, North Bay Fisheries. There was a huge queue even before it had opened so we knew that we had chosen a good one! Chips are a must when you go to the seaside aren't they? They were so delicious too and the perfect ending to an amazing weekend.

Have you ever visited Scarborough? 


  1. I've never been, but it looks so cool that I want to make a trip there now.


  2. Looks so lovely. Would be a beautiful place for a wedding venue x

  3. Looks amazing! I absolutely love the photos :) xx


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