Winter Skincare Favourites

I know it's not quite winter yet, but it certainly feels like it! Autumn seems to go by in a flash and the weather has already transformed into a cold, rainy and even snowy season. This change in weather means a switch up in my skincare routine, it's essential to have a really rich and moisturising moisturiser, a good scrub to help with any dry patches from the harsh cold winter air and perhaps something to help with any unwanted spots that appear at the start of the week of Christmas parties. Everyone's skin is different, so bear that in mind when reading this post, these are all things that have worked for me! My skin isn't particularly oily or dry so I'd say I have a normal skin type, with occasional blemishes. Some of the products here I have been using for years, like the Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot which I love and some are more recent additions to my routine like The Body Shop Himalayan charcoal mask and Nip+Fab glycolic fix which have proved to have fast and effective results for me. I have tried many skincare products and it has taken a while for me to find a routine I like this much, so I hope I have found a new gem for you here.

The Body Shop is always a great place to start when choosing skincare as you know the quality of the products are going to be really good and effective. With moistuiser, I don't have one particular brand I stick to as I find they all work relatively the same and make my skin super soft. The Vitamin E night cream is great for everyone as it's suitable for all skin types. The formula is rich, yet is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin with properties that help to protect, replenish and help prevent any moisture loss overnight. When I use this (this is the last step to my skincare routine) my skin feels so soft and smooth the next day which helps my makeup go on a lot more seamlessly and flawlessly. Alongside the night cream, I use the Vitamin E eye cream. Just like the moisturiser, the eye cream is suitable for all skin types with a formula which hydrates, smooths and protects around the delicate eye area.

Nip+Fab is a new brand to me, I have been using the glycolic fix daily cleansing pads for about a month now and it has made such a difference to my skin already. Containing two of the best anti-aging ingredients, glycolic and hyluronic acid, these powerful cleansing pads renew skin cells which improves the skins tone and texture. After removing my makeup with my micellar water, I wipe the exfoliating pad in circular motions around my face, paying particular attention to the t-zone. Straight after using these, my skin looks a lot healthier and brighter. The biggest result for me is in the morning; my skin feels so smooth and any bumps that were there before are significantly reduced. A great addition to the glycolic fix daily cleansing pads is the glycolic fix serum; in the short time I have been using this I have seen a great difference so I can't wait to carry on using this. The two products combined make my skin feel amazing. The daily serum contains 4% glycolic acid which works to improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The poreaway reduces the appearance of pores and fights shininess, blemishes and clogged pores and aloe vera calms and soothes the skin which allows them to heal. These products combined have made my skin so much healthier and smoother. I really need to try more from Nip+Fab!

I'm surprised I haven't seen the Vichy normaderm hyaluspot being talked about more because it is a miracle product! If you ever have one of those under the skin bumps/spots then this is what you need. Apply this before you go to sleep and it'll be gone in a matter of days. The normaderm hyaluspot acts as a fast acting formula which instantly targets any imperfections and reduces the appearances of blemishes. The reason this actually works is because when you apply the gel to the blemish, it creates an invisible, protective antibacterial film on the surface of the skin preventing any nasty germs from making it worse which leaves you with amazing results, even just after one or two days. I love to use a face mask once or twice a week. Montagne Jeunesse have a lot of great face masks and I use them a lot. More recently, I have been loving the Himalayan charcoal purifying glow mask from The Body Shop, even though it is slightly more expensive than your average face mask. I only like to use this mask on my t-zone as I find it a little too harsh for my cheeks. This mask feels so luxurious and smells very spa like to, so is perfect for those pamper days. With tingling clay, bamboo charcoal and tea tree oil, this mask is for those days were I find my skin needs a little refresh or is looking a bit dull. All of the key ingredients target imperfections so this is a great mask for drawing out any impurities. After using this mask, my skin feels smoother and my face looks healthy and glowy.

What's your favourite product in your skincare routine?


*The Nip+Fab products featured were sent to me for review. All opinions are entirely my own, please refer to my disclaimer for more information.

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