Making Christmas Magical

Christmas is the most magical time of the year. When I was little there was nothing more exciting at Christmas time than going to visit Father Christmas and tell him what toys I wanted to receive that year or receiving a special letter from him or one of the elves who would check up on me to see if I had been good throughout December. Our family used to put on a little spread on Christmas eve; a mince pie and a whisky for Father Christmas, a Bailey's for Mrs. Christmas, a carrot and bowl of milk for Rudolph and tasty little snacks for all the elves. Waking up to see a bite had been taken out of the carrot and seeing the mess the elves had made with the party food was always such a magical and wonderful memory! I really wish I could be a child just for one more Christmas, don't you?

 I went to visit Father Christmas several times as a child, my first time being when I was just 3 months old and apparently I didn't like him, but who wouldn't be scared of a big bearded man in a red suit at that age?! I also remember Father Christmas visiting us at pre-school and I think I enjoyed that more. Enjoying a delicious breakfast with Father Christmas with my brothers and sisters at our local garden centre was also one of my Christmas highlights as a child. My favourite memory of Father Christmas though is the one in the photo below; we got given a little Christmas tree to plant and it was great to see it grow so tall over the years and keep the memories alive! My mum always made every Christmas magical for us all. Every Christmas she made sure we had lots of letters in the lead up to Christmas from both Father Christmas and his elves to make us very excited for Christmas day! 

As a child, there was nothing more magical than receiving a letter from Father Christmas. Not only did it get me even more excited about Christmas day, but I loved reading my letters with a big smile on my face every night before I went to bed. If you have children, a young relative or know a child who would love a letter from Father Christmas, then is the place to go. has been bringing happiness to children of all ages since 1999 by providing unique and innovative personalised greetings from Father Christmas. From letters to DVD's, calls and texts, you can create the ultimate Santa experience for your child. I would have loved a personalised video from Father Christmas when I was little! I can imagine how much happiness and excitement I would have felt when seeing Father Christmas say my name and talk about his preparations for his big journey ahead on my TV! You can choose when you would like to have Santa's message delivered and delivery is very quick and guaranteed by Christmas, yay!

My personal favourite from the website are the letters from Santa as it will be nice for your child to have a lovely Christmas keepsake. The website is really easy to use. You simply have to select what form you would like to receive your message in and then fill out a few questions; the more questions you answer, the more unique and personal it will be for your child. Examples of the details you will be asked for include what colour your front door is, what your child wants for Christmas and what their hobbies are. Once you have filled this out, you can then choose and change the letter story to appropriately suit your child's age. There are lots of fun ones to choose from! If you want to make the letter more magical, why not add some magic snow, or perhaps a cuddly elf and cookie mix? There are lots of great letter sets to choose from! The cookie mix and letter would be great for when it gets close to Christmas Eve as the cookies you make would be the perfect treat to leave out for Santa with a glass of milk (...or whisky of course!). The cookies are also really simple to make, and your little one will feel like a grown up doing baking all by themselves! Simply add water, mix, chill in the fridge, roll, cut out shapes and bake for 10 minutes for deliciously sweet and vanillary biscuits! If you know a child who would love a letter from Father Christmas this year, make sure to head on over to the website and order yours today, use the code 'yay2016' for 10% off.

I can't wait for my four year old cousin Willow to read her letter from Father Christmas! What are your favourite childhood Christmas memories? Do you remember getting letters from Father Christmas? 


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