Our Christmas Day

Every year, it's a tradition that Jonny and I have a Christmas before Christmas; a chance to celebrate Christmas together before we go home and enjoy the festivities with our families. It's one of my favourite days of the year and one that I look forward to the most!

'Christmas morning' went by in a flash; we woke up relatively early and got ourselves ready for our fun day ahead. With my cosy jumper on, glittery makeup applied and new hair styled, I felt well and truly festive! First things first, we cracked open a bottle of bucks fizz and enjoyed a glass over exchanging our gifts from each other. Every year, we fill up a stocking for each other and every year, Jonny continuously does an amazing job. Jonny got me an icing piping kit that I wanted, a few bath bombs from Lush, an adorable gingerbread tree with a cute little penguin and some mojito syrups and a bottle of white rum to make cocktails with. After opening all of our Christmas presents, we put on one of my favourite and most festive films, The Santa Claus Movie. Whilst watching the film, we enjoyed the rest of our bucks fizz and prepared and cooked our Christmas dinner.

2'o clock came around quickly and dinner was finally ready. Our Christmas dinner was amazing and it was definitely the best roast we have ever made yet, everything we had in it was so good! Our plates were piled high with sage and onion stuffed turkey wrapped in bacon, sprouts, carrots, roasted honey parsnips, crispy roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, pigs in blankets and covered in lots of delicious gravy. Whilst devouring our yummy plate full of food, we pulled all of our Christmas crackers and watched the second Santa Claus Movie. With our bellies full and unable to move far, we spent the rest of the afternoon playing a game of Monopoly. Surprisingly, I won by a mile! I don't think Jonny was too happy about that haha. I love playing board games at Christmas time.

We carried on playing games through the evening as well as having a little party. With Christmas music playing, lots of drinks flowing and Santa Claus 3 on in the background, we made the perfect festive party atmosphere! Our party food consisted of lots of yummy nibbles: a variety of cheese and crackers, crisps, homemade sausage rolls, mini toad in the holes and chicken bites. We love playing games at Christmas, so of course, we had to get all of ours out. We had many games of dominoes, uno and other card games, and even did some hilarious Christmas karaoke. One of the highlights of the night was our drunken quiz. It was so funny how we were so bad at this - both scoring a grand total of one out of ten! Our Christmas day was perfect and I can't wait to do it all again next year.

I'm writing this post a couple of days after Christmas. It's been so lovely spending time with my family and best friends. Nothing beats the company of your family (and eating lots of good food) at this time of year. I love having two Christmases too! 


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