The Perfect Cosy Date Night

Valentine's day is fast approaching and whether you celebrate it or not, it's the perfect excuse for another date night! On wintry nights, nothing is better than cuddling up in bed with your favourite person, with your favourite movie on eating lots of tasty snacks. Whether you have a cosy get together with your friends or a date night with your partner, I'll be sharing my top five things you need to create the ultimate cosy night in.

A cosy environment. Nothing beats snuggling up and getting cosy in bed with freshly washed sheets. Well, even better than that would be brand new pretty sheets! This Cath Kidston Floral Duvet set from Amara is so beautiful and instantly brightens up the room. I love how girly it is with the pretty pink floral design, and it's so soft and cosy too which is a big plus. To set the cosy, romantic scene for your date night, light a few candles around the room, sweet or floral scented, and make sure to have the biggest bouquet of roses on the table. Put the fire on too if you have one for the ultimate cosy feel!

Get yourself comfy. Once you've created the perfect cosy environment, it's time to make yourself super snuggly! Put on your favourite super soft and silky pyjamas, wear the fluffiest socks you own and wrap yourselves up in your duvet or your softest blanket so that you're nice and cosy watching your favourite girly movie. 

A selection of girly movies. As Valentine's day is coming up, it is essential that you watch a romantic comedy. I LOVE all of  the Nicholas Sparks movies; they are the epitome of perfect romance. A few of my favourites from Nicholas Sparks are The Notebook, Safe Haven, Dear John and The Lucky One. If you're looking for something a bit funnier and more light hearted, then something like Bridesmaids, Sex and the City or any of the Bridget Jones films would be a great choice. It might also be a fun idea to turn your movie into a drinking game. I'm sure you'll be able to find one online, or you could create your own such as take a shot every time a new character is introduced etc.

Lots of snacks! A cosy date night is not complete without lots of snacks! I love to watch films with either crisps or popcorn but how about changing it up from your usual preference? Why not throw in some chocolate with your popcorn to make a tasty combo? Serving your snacks in beautiful serveware like the white moon tray from Amara makes it that bit more special. A cheese board would be amazing with plenty of crackers, a variety of cheeses ranging from Brie to Cheddar, Camembert and Red Leicester and of course, tasty chutneys and a glass or two or Port to go with that. If cheese isn't your thing, then treating yourselves to a takeaway would be great too! If you're wanting something more romantic, then how about a chocolate fondue? All you'll need is lots of chocolate to melt and an array of fruit, marshmallows, biscuits and brownies to enjoy it with. 

Warming drinks. It's still cold and probably will be for quite a while, so it's still perfectly acceptable to make a hot chocolate at any given opportunity. As it's date night, go all out with creating the most amazing drink! Make your drink extra chocolaty. Swirl on a mountain of cream. Pour hundreds of marshmallows on top (so many that they start to fall off). Throw even more chocolate in. Add sprinkles and glitter or even a splash of rum if you like! As opposed to hot chocolate, you could have a lovely cup of tea, flavoured or just how you like it, coffee, or treat yourselves to a warm mug of mulled cider.


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