Where did my blog begin?

As my blog will be turning four this year, I thought it would be nice to look back and see where my blog began and see how far it has come up to now. 

Back in summer 2013, I had just finished my A-levels and found myself with plenty of time to spare. After reading so many blogs and loving the idea of having my own to record all of my memories and thoughts, I decided to create my own. Inspired by a blog I loved (Sprinkle of glitter) and her Motivational Monday posts, my first post was all about simple ways to put a smile on your face. My intention was to make that a monthly series, but if you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I cannot stick to a blogging schedule; I only write when I feel inspired or have something to say! Bloggers block is the worst and during university, especially in the final year, I experienced that a lot. Luckily now I have found the perfect balance and post every Friday. My blog is full of wonderful memories and moments that I will cherish forever. Even now I love looking back on what I got up to a couple of years ago!

My blog has definitely grown so much over the years. When looking back through earlier blog posts and seeing my old blog photos, they look so bad compared to what they do now. What a difference a decent camera and a bit of knowledge makes! I must have known my photo quality wasn't the best as I always used to display my photos in a collage and use the most random filters. Obviously, my quality content has improved too and I have found a writing style that's very 'me'. I think my blog has made me realise a love for writing that I didn't have before. With regards to numbers, I don't really take too much notice, it's growing nice and steadily which is perfect for me. The name of my blog has remained the same throughout the four years, but I have had my fair share of re-designs. When I made my blog, I used a free template from Blogger, which worked out fine for a while but after a couple of years I fancied a change and found another free, yet prettier design. My next two blog templates were very sleek and perhaps gave a more professional look. However, towards the end of last year, I became a bit bored of looking at my black and white blog so decided to have a custom header designed and buy a new, fun template. The design I have now is by far my favourite and portrays me, my personality and the things I love so much more. A change is sometimes what you need to bring the love back to your blog and give you the motivation to continue creating great content.

I think the reason I have carried on blogging for so long and not stopped for four years is because I love being able to look back on years of memories. I love recording and looking back at the things I've done, things I've achieved and seeing how much I have changed and grown as a person. Blogging has enabled me to have so many amazing experiences which I would never have had if I hadn't created my own back in summer 2013. One amazing opportunity which stands out to me is being invited to stay at Ox Pasture Hall hotel for a night and being treated like royalty; it was the most beautiful place in the countryside and I'll never forget it. Alongside amazing opportunities, I've been lucky enough to work with some great brands. Some of my favourite brands I have collaborated with include Renshaw icing (creating this delicious gingerbread house), Amara for beautiful home-ware reviews and Talking Tables for their generosity and lovely PR team. I can't wait to continue collaborating with exciting and new brands! 

For me, my blog wouldn't be a blog without the wonderful support I have had throughout the years by my family and the blogging community. Every comment, like, read, follow and share from any of my platforms means a lot to me, so thank you all so much for continuing to read my blog and giving me the motivation to continually carry on! With wonderful support, comes the most amazing things. My favourite blogging moment happened last year when I wrote a feature for Blogosphere Magazine. I love Blogosphere magazine as it is written for bloggers by bloggers so it was a real privilege to write up an article and see it in print. I have wanted to write an article for a magazine for years so it was great to tick that off my list and now I have a beautiful magazine on my coffee table which I can and will cherish forever!

Where would I like my blog to be in another four years? I'd love to still be blogging of course! Who knows what will happen within those four years, but I can't wait to record all of my special moments here. Potentially, my blog might have a new name, or I might buy my own domain. There will certainly be lots more content to follow with a variety of posts on beauty, baking and lots of lifestyle. I may even introduce more topics on my blog. This year, I'd love to have a psychology category where I can discuss interesting topics such as dreams and mental health as I find it fascinating and that's what my degree is in and maybe you would find it interesting too?

Where did your blog begin?


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