How to Create Your Own Easter Afternoon Tea

I love going out for afternoon tea, but the only thing I don't like is the price - it can be so expensive! This is why I love to make my own from time to time (see my original how to make your own afternoon tea post here). This time I have given the traditional afternoon tea a little Easter twist which includes a lot of chocolate. The Easter afternoon tea would be perfect alongside cocktails for a lovely girly evening, or equally as fun served with a tasty selection of teas which the whole family can enjoy. Why not get everyone to help? One friend could bake the scones whilst the other prepares the sandwiches, this way you all get to be involved and everything will be made a lot quicker. If you're not a keen baker then that's okay, add some Easter treats and scones to your shopping basket and I can guarantee you that it will still be cheaper than going out for themed afternoon tea.

You can't have afternoon tea without scones. I prefer savory scones as opposed to sweet which is why I made cheese and chive scones; they taste incredible. I made quite a few extra so we could have more later! There are lots of different types of scones which you can have a go at making such as fruit, plain, lemon drizzle and chocolate. I have even seen hot cross scones (hot cross buns/ scones) which look amazing too! Next up are the sandwiches. Toasted. Seeded bread. Wholemeal. Bagel. Crusts. No crusts. Once you have chosen your bread, fill with traditional afternoon tea fillings. As it is spring, I chose lighter sandwiches like cucumber with soft cream cheese. If you are going all out with the Easter theme then cutting the sandwiches into Easter shapes would be fun.

Now onto my favourite section of afternoon tea - the cakes! My afternoon tea included chocolate rice krispie nests, chocolate orange hot cross buns, chocolate caramel cupcakes and a small Easter egg. This is very chocolate heavy so you could swap the chocolate cake for carrot cake which would suit the theme just as perfectly. With the desserts you can be really creative; how about chocolate brownie nests, creme egg cheesecake, Easter surprise cupcakes or mini lemon meringue tarts to give you just a few ideas.

What's your favourite part of afternoon tea?

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